Swisscom Ltd.,

Chief Personal Officer, member of the Group Executive Board of Swisscom Ltd.


Professional guidance the HR responsibles of the Group companies.
On group level; responsible for all HR group wide processes, tools and organizations such as Employment Relations, Compensation Systems & Grading, Development Services, Human Resources Management, Vocational Training, Perspective Center und Social Services, with a yearly budget of 70 Mio. CHF and 1500 employees.


ETH Zurich,
Head of Personnel Office, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

The services provided by the ETH management team ensure that teaching and research proceed smoothly. The executive board controls the quality and quantity of the services. Primarily the central bodies implement its directives.
The ETH employed 1995 more than 7000 people.

As head of the Personnel Office, heading 20 employees, who supported me by developing a high quality personal management adapting to rapidly changing needs and in the economical use of resources. In the year of cost savings of the Swiss government it was necessary to reduce the work force by lying off a high number of people.
Special support of the leaders, mainly professors, by developing a leadership training with the target to establish all common HR processes also at the university environment.
Special HR projects: Implementation of a customized HR IT Tool with personal administration and salary administration.
Other duties: Dealing with insurance companies, union representatives, governmental offices and departments, legal issues and as Information Officer responsible for internal communication.

Holcim Management and Consulting Ltd.,

Head of Corporate Human Resources and member of the Executive Board of Holcim Group Support Ltd., Senior Vice President

Responsible for Corporate Management Development in the regions, Latin America, N-America and Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asian, Africa and Australia.


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Sulzer Roteq,
Head Human Resources and member of the management team of the division Sulzer Roteq, Vice President

Sulzer Roteq employed 6’000 people in various locations around the world.
HR and other challenges:
- Development of the specific HR concept according to the needs of the newly formed division. Midterm planning with special focus on HR.
- Development concepts such as analyzing the potential of the future leaders, succession planning, leadership training, job - rotation and change programs.
- HR responsibility for the top management globally.
- In Acquisitions covering the HR needs (due diligence and integration).


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