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In her article "How to Get More Women in Banks’ Senior Ranks," American Banker's Editor at Large Barbara Rehm concludes that one of the fundamental reasons why we don't see more women in "banking's inner circles" is because they lose hope.  She concludes that, "one way to get more women in the C-Suite is to get more women on bank boards of directors." >>



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OECD Principles of Corporate Governance

The OECD Principles of Corporate Governance were endorsed by OECD Ministers in 1999 and revised in 2004. They cover six key areas of corporate governance : ensuring the basis for an effective corporate governance framework; the rights of shareholders; the equitable treatment of shareholders; the role of stakeholders in corporate governance; disclosure and transparency; and the responsibilities of the board. Essential document. Do not miss the Frequently Asked Questions and the Policy brief which is even more interesting than the principles themselves.

Transparency International

Transparency International is an international non-governmental organization which brings civil society, business, and governments together in a powerful global coalition, and works at both the national and international level to curb both the supply and demand of corruption. Excellent site which includes a newsletter and a rich publications section. Do not miss the business principles for countering bribery.

European Corporate Governance Institute

The European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) is an international scientific non-profit association which provides a forum for debate and dialogue between academics, legislators and practitioners, focusing on major corporate governance issues and thereby promoting best practice. Excellent and very rich site. Do not miss the section on codes where corporate governance codes on a country by country basis can be downloaded. The section on working papers is also interesting although much more technically focused.





























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