When is the Economy Ethical?
Companies have to make profit in order to survive. But who benefits? Can high salaries for managers be justified? Is there still space for ethical standards in economic relations? Do multinational corporations pay enough attention to the issue of human rights? Can we really overcome child labour? Can shareholder and consumer influence be measured? What is the role of both Switzerland and Swiss businesses in advocating an ethically responsible business environment? Are ethically responsible companies more successful in the long-term?

Global Governance Initiative
The Global Corporate Governance Forum is a multi-donor trust fund co-founded by the World Bank Group and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)



the Forum's extensive work program encompasses:
* raising awareness and building consensus for implementation of reform through meetings, briefings, policy papers, and conferences;
* supporting institution and capacity building and providing technical assistance to ensure implementation at the field level through training programs, toolkits and other direct assistance;
* supporting research relevant to the needs of developing countries to underpin reform efforts by sound analysis through sponsoring papers and building sustainable networks for academics in developing countries; and
* disseminating best practice materials and publications and guidelines developed with leading global specialists and practitioners.


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State of the Debate
"Global governance" is an umbrella term for efforts around the world to address humanity’s pressing needs—the promotion of peace and security, the alleviation of poverty, ending hunger, improving human health,... >>


Global Governance


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