Corporate governance
services include counseling in the following areas:

Providing specialized consulting for professional societies, associations and other nonprofit organizations

Associations and nonprofit organizations have
limited resources to meet strategic goals and fulfill missions. Staff, boards and members are often overwhelmed with the day-to-day demands
of running the association.

I offer expertise for
specific short and long-term projects that require
additional support and resources.
I work as an partner with your organzation to ensure
success and effectiveness for your members.

I will assist board directors and company
executives in answering questions such as:

  1. Is our board managed as effectively as the
    company is managed?
  2. What processes do we need to put in place
    to make us more aware of “red flags” in company
  3. How do we fulfill our proper monitoring role
    and yet rely on management and external experts
    such as accountants, attorneys and consultants?
  4. How can corporate governance processes be used
    to keep our company viable and restore public
    in the capital markets?
  5. How will instituting corporate governance best
    practices reduce corporate risk?

HR & Board Consulting provides a broad range
of services focused on corporate governance
and related matters




from strategic planning to management searches,
let me help you find ways to sustain your association
well into the future.


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